Women wear the hair extensions as they blend seamlessly with their existing hair, improve looks and have a long life. Not all hair extensions are made from human hair, and some are made using other materials. A genuine human Brazilian Human Hair extension is made solely of human hair while there are hair extensions that have a mix of animal hair in them as well. The mixing of animal hair reduces the shine, luster and life of the hair extensions and also their quality. Hence these do not last long and also do not have enough shine or luster.

Here Are The 3 Types Of Hair Extensions
Virgin Hair Extension
A virgin hair extension is made up of 100% human hair. Virgin hair-donors donate their hair for manufacturing of these hair extensions. The virgin hair extensions do not require any kind of mixing and they do not contain chemicals, hair colors, perms and other substances for improving their worth. The more renowned companies do not undertake loads of chemical and reforming processes on these hair extensions to make them more beautiful. As virgin hair is more fragile, it does require certain processes so that their beauty and luster lasts long and they remain healthy for a longer time period. With proper and timely care, these hair extensions can last for 2 years of more.

Remy Hair Extensions
The cuticles of the remy hair extensions are intact and these last for a year or more with proper care. The hairs of these hair extensions run in one direction and hence they do not suffer from matting or tangling. A single donor donates for a single remy hair extension. Better companies process these hair extensions using advanced techniques so that no damage or harm is done to the hair and they blend perfectly with the existing hair. The quality hair extensions are also priced a bit higher.

Non Remy Hair Extensions
These hair extensions are formed of hairs that are collected from the salons, temples and other kinds of random supplies. These hair extensions are of lowest quality as several different kinds of hair are mixed for making these hair extensions. Hence they also suffer more from matting, tangling and shedding problems. The silicon coat of these hairs (imbibed through chemical processing) soon wears of and the Body Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair hence do not last long. As the hair coats get stripped off soon, they are not able to withstand heat and hair color treatments.

Hair extensions are worth investing if you opt for higher quality products in the segment. Through proper care, you will have shiny and lustrous hair and a glam and beautiful look